Overages and Shortages Returns

Receiving and Inventorying Initial Order Test Materials

The CELDT District Coordinator will need to verify that the total number of boxes received in the district’s shipment matches the number of boxes shipped according to the district box label. Contact the CELDT Customer Support Center (CSC) immediately to report any missing boxes or boxes for another district that were received in error.

The CELDT District Coordinator must inventory the contents of the district boxes (if applicable) against the packing lists, and likewise, school site coordinators must inventory the contents of the school boxes. If schools are closed during the Shortages and Overages Reporting Window, the CELDT District Coordinator will need to inventory the contents of the schools’ boxes against each of their packing lists. The district should not wait until schools return from summer break to inventory test materials.

Shortages and Overages Reporting Window

Report overages, shortages, or incorrect receipt of Initial Order test materials for your entire district to the CSC Wednesday, May 17 through Wednesday, August 16, 2017.

  • An overage means your district received more or different materials than stated on the packing list.
  • A shortage means your district is missing items stated on the packing list or missing one or more boxes in your shipment.

Educational Data Systems allows for the return of 2017–18 Edition CELDT Initial Order test materials ordered due to the following unanticipated circumstances:

  • District closure
  • School closure
  • Merging of districts
  • Merging of schools within a district
  • District enrollment reductions resulting in the elimination of grades within a school

If your district has experienced any of the above situations for the 2017–18 school year, returns will be accepted if all of the following conditions are met:

  • A minimum of 100 Answer Books (kindergarten through grade 2) or sets of documents (grades 3 through 12) must be returned.*
  • One Examiner’s Manual per 15 student documents for kindergarten through grade 5 and one per 25 student documents for grades 6 through 12 must be returned.
  • Answer Book, Test Book, and Examiner’s Manual grade span must match.
  • Documents must be completely shrink-wrapped with the exception of single Examiner’s Manuals.
  • The district must pay for all return shipping costs.

How to Return Overage Materials

Districts requesting the return of CELDT Initial Order test materials must follow the reporting and return instructions below.

  1. Contact the CELDT CSC by phone at 866-850-1039 or by e-mail at support@celdt.org no later than Wednesday, August 16, 2017.
  2. Provide a detailed list by item type, grade span, package size, and total quantity for all documents being returned. **
  3. Confirm that the items are shrink-wrapped.
  4. After being contacted by Educational Data Systems with approval to return the documents, contact the CSC within five working days and provide the following information:
    • Quantity of boxes being shipped
    • The carrier
    • Shipping date
    • Tracking number for each box

Receiving Excessive Materials Credit

If all of the above criteria are met, districts will receive credit for 95 percent of the Answer Books returned. The automatic five percent overage included in the Initial Order for districts that order a cumulative total of 101 or more Answer Books is not included in Excessive Materials calculations, and therefore, removed from the amount credited. Test Books and Examiner’s Manuals are also not included in Excessive Materials calculations. More information about Excessive Materials can be found on the Excessive Materials Web page of the CELDT Web site.

Clarifying Overage Type

Documents shipped to the district in error (not included on the packing list) fall into a different overage category and will not be counted as Excessive Materials. These materials were not intended to be a part of the Initial Order shipment and will not be included as part of the Excessive Materials calculations. If a district reports this type of overage and Educational Data Systems requests the return of these documents, the cost of shipping will be covered.

If a district reports a shortage, such as documents listed on the packing list were not received, fulfilling the shortage does not add quantities to the Initial Order or Additional Order quantities, and therefore, are not added to the district’s Excessive Materials calculations. Districts must report shortages to the CSC and should not place an Additional Order to fix a shortage of materials.

*At grades 3 through 12, a set of documents is defined as both the Test Book and the Answer Book. If the district ordered fewer Test Books than Answer Books, a return of Answer Books only is allowed; a return of Test Books only does not result in Excessive Materials credit.
**Test and Answer Books come in packages of four or 20, and Examiner’s Manuals come as singles or packages of five.